Has education changed over the past 50 years?

I believe that education has changed greatly over the last 50 years. We’re learning most of the same material, but how the teachers do it is different. School isn’t as much of a job as it used to be. Teachers are much more lenient on kids then they were 50 years ago. Education in schools used to be a lot more like a military boot camp, but now it’s a day camp. Teachers will not embarass students by making them look like fools anymore, but that’s because society has changed. It’s hard to get away with any sort of tough love because overzealous Liberals think that it will damage the child even though America’s greatest citizens throughout history I’m sure were all beaten by the schoolmaster. Computers are probably the biggest change in education. It opens up the world for more to be expected from children in school since information is “at their fingertips.” I think kids will get lazier and lazier as technology becomes stronger.


2 Responses to “Has education changed over the past 50 years?”

  1. drisium Says:

    Lol well i still think there are some teachters that will embarass students, especially in public high schools where they can kind of get away with it more. I think people like english teachers are still as hardassed as they ever were.

    However people that teach these new courses of study, are more relaxed and try to talk to the students in ways that they understand. They incorporate new technoligies, as well as just talk about stuff we younger students can relate to like video games :cough professor levy cough: O_o

  2. jackieforman Says:

    I definately agree I can hardly go to a class now without a tv, or projecter in it. Some teachers go so far as to have a power point lesson everyday. Teacher find chalk to be a thing of the archaic past.

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